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关于 ZIERICK - Zierick制造公司已经营业超过95年,是复杂互连要求和问题解决方案的主要来源。 Zierick服务于众多市场,重点是工业控制,汽车,暖通空调,固态照明,医疗和安全。 从标准产品到我们的定制解决方案,Zierick利用各种技术创造了产品,这些技术已成为行业标准,并将继续塑造行业的未来。

关于 ZIERICK - Zierick Manufacturing Corporation has been in business for over 95 years and is a leading source of solutions for complex interconnection requirements and problems. Zierick serves numerous markets with emphasis on Industrial Controls, Automotive, HVAC, Solid State Lighting, Medical and Security. From standard products to our custom solutions, Zierick has created products utilizing various technologies which have become the industry standard and continue to shape the future of the industry.

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