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关于 Wagner - 瓦格纳控股公司的全资子公司瓦格纳喷雾技术公司是总部位于明尼阿波利斯的先进涂料喷头市场的领导者。它开发和销售各种用于家装,商业油漆和工业精加工的喷漆和装饰产品。它们可以更容易地制备表面,涂抹油漆和其他涂料,并在涂漆后进行清理。瓦格纳通过创新,高科技工程,优质制造和服务为客户提供支持。在Facebook和Twitter上关注瓦格纳。

今天,瓦格纳SprayTech Corp.被称为瓦格纳,以反驳出售喷雾设备的意义,因为瓦格纳也参与了更广泛的绘画和装饰业务。瓦格纳现在拥有全面的研发,工程,制造和分销能力。瓦格纳开发和销售各种各样的绘画和装饰产品。瓦格纳的产品和服务旨在让最终用户更容易准备,应用或清理绘画任务。从瓦格纳获得的技术和财务支持使该公司能够扩大并成为在世界各地的绘画和装饰业务领域处于市场领先地位。

关于 Wagner - Minneapolis-based Wagner SprayTech Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wagner Holding, Inc., is a market leader in advanced paint applicators. It develops and markets a wide array of painting and decorating products used in home improvement, commercial painting and industrial fine finishing. They make it easier to prepare surfaces, apply paints and other coatings, and clean up after painting. Wagner supports its customers through innovation, high tech engineering, quality manufacturing and service. Follow Wagner on Facebook and Twitter.

Today, Wagner SprayTech Corp. is referred to as just Wagner to refute the implication of selling only spray equipment, as Wagner is participating in the broader painting and decorating business as well.

Wagner now has full research and development, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution capabilities. Wagner develops and markets a wide array of painting and decorating products. Wagner's products and services are designed to make it easier for the end user to either prepare, apply or clean up painting tasks.

The technical and financial support obtained from Wagner has enabled the company to expand and become a market leader in the painting and decorating business around the world.

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