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关于 Titan Micro Electronics - 泰坦微电子有限公司设计,开发和销售微集成电路产品。它提供LED板驱动器集成电路,LED面板显示驱动器,LED照明和显示产品,LCD显示驱动器,电源管理产品,模数转换器,能量测量产品,远程控制编码器,音频开关和控制集成电路以及特殊工业用控制集成电路。它为各种项目提供产品,例如电子秤,电机驱动器,能量测量,LED照明,电源解决方案,模数转换器,LED中国红系列和智能照明。该公司还提供OEM服务,例如工业控制,通信,电源,消费电子,数字音频/视频,应用解决方案等的设计,包装和测试服务。其产品用于工业自动化,智能家居,网络,和消费电子市场。该公司为中国,欧洲,东南亚以及全球的客户提供服务。深圳市泰坦微电子有限公司成立于2003年,总部位于中国深圳。

关于 Titan Micro Electronics - Titan Micro Electronics Co., Ltd. designs, develops, and markets micro integrated circuit products. It offers LED board driver integrated circuits, LED panel display drivers, LED lighting and display products, LCD display drivers, power management products, analog to digital converters, energy measurement products, remote control encoders, audio switch and control integrated circuits, and special industrial control integrated circuits. It provides its products for various projects, such as electronic scale, motor driver, energy measurement, LED lighting, power solution, analog to digital converters, Chinese red series of LED, and intelligent lighting. The company also provides OEM services, such as designing, packaging, and testing services for industrial control, communication, power, consumer electronics, digital audio/video, application solution, etc. Its products are used in industrial automation, intelligent home, networking, and consumer electronics markets. The company serves its customers in China, Europe, Southeast Asia, and internationally. Shenzhen Titan Micro Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 and is based in Shenzhen, China.

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