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关于 Sumida - 墨田(Sumida Corporation)生产电子设备用线圈和相关零件。该公司的产品用于音频/视频,办公自动化,数据处理,蜂窝电话和汽车。墨田(Sumida Corporation)在香港,马来西亚,台湾,美国和中国设有子公司。在视听设备,CD-ROM驱动器,DVD / MD产品,调制解调器,网络硬件,液晶显示器,计算机外围设备,空调,电子汽车产品(如防抱死制动系统)和大量产品中都可以找到Sumida组件。其他电子设备。

SUMIDA CORPORATION是电感组件和模块的全球领先制造商,这些组件包括功率电感器,电源变压器,EMC线圈,传感器,执行器,汽车模块,功率模块,医疗设备组件,EMS,柔性连接以及更多。

Sumida是线圈和绕线电子产品的领先制造商之一。胜美达线圈产品目录目前有31000多种产品,证明了当今信息时代可以应用线圈技术的多样性。墨田的所有产品均在日本以外的亚洲地区以及墨西哥的不同地区生产。这使墨田(Sumida)将成本保持在最低水平,分散了风险并增加了响应时间。 Sumida研究,开发,设计,制造和分销用于视听设备,OA设备,汽车相关设备,工业设备,RF线圈和其他电子组件的电子组件。

Sumida Group是一家全球制造商高品质的电感元件和模块。我们的产品已在消费电子,汽车和工业市场的许多应用中使用。

关于 Sumida - Sumida Corporation manufactures coils and related parts for electronic equipment. The Company's products are used for audio/video, office automation, data processing, cellular phones, and automobiles. Sumida Corporation has its subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, the US, and China. Sumida components can be found in audio visual equipment, CD-ROM drives, DVD/MD products, modems, networking hardware, liquid crystal display monitors, computer peripherals, air-conditioners, electronic automotive products such as Anti Lock Braking Systems, and a plethora of other electronic devices.

SUMIDA CORPORATION is a leading global manufacturer of inductive components and modules such as Power Inductors, Power Transformers, EMC Coils, Sensors, Actuators, Automotive Modules, Power Modules, Components for Medical Equipment, EMS, Flexible Connections and more.

Sumida is one of the leading manufacturers of coils and wire wound electronic products. Sumida currently has over 31000 products in its coil catalog-attesting to the diversity to which coil technology can be applied in the present day information age. All of Sumida's products are manufactured outside of Japan in various locations in the Asian region as well as in Mexico. This has allowed Sumida to keep costs to a minimum, spread risk and increase response times. Sumida research, development, design, manufacturing and distribution of electronic components for audio-visual devices, OA equipment, automotive related equipment, industrial equipment, RF coils and other electronic components.

Sumida Group is a global manufacturer of high quality inductive components and modules. Our products are used in a number of applications within the Consumer Electronics, Automotive and Industrial markets.

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