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关于 Steward - 莱尔德科技为信号线和EMI滤波应用生产了广泛的铁氧体产品系列,这些应用以前都是以Steward品牌名称认可的。 产品包括铁氧体电缆芯,连接器板,独特的共模扼流圈,CAN总线扼流圈,高电流通孔和表面贴装元件,以及阻抗芯片磁珠,表面贴装电感器,环形电感器芯和铁氧体粉末。 管家在2006年12月被莱尔德科技收购。

关于 Steward - Laird Technologies produces an extensive line of ferrite products for signal line and EMI filtering applications that were formerly recognized under the Steward brand name. Products include ferrite cable cores, connector plates, unique common mode chokes, CAN-Bus chokes, high-current thru-hole and surface mount components, as well as impedance chip beads, surface mount inductors, toroid inductor cores, and ferrite powders. Steward was acquired by Laird Technologies in December 2006.

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