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关于 Sino-Microelectronics - 吉林中微电子有限公司在中国设计,制造和销售半导体器件。 该公司提供N沟道MOSFET,快速恢复二极管,高压快速开关NPN功率晶体管,sidactor芯片,IGBT产品,外壳额定双极晶体管,肖特基势垒二极管,TRIACS,阻抗三极管thyristo,案例级双极性反馈, 中压电压快速开关,CRD产品和PNP外延硅晶体管。 它还承担代工服务。 该公司主要提供产品,如家用电器,白色家电,绿色照明,个人电脑,汽车电子,移动通信,工业控制等。吉林中微电子有限公司总部位于吉林市 ,中国。

关于 Sino-Microelectronics - Sino-Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is principally engaged in the design, development, production and sale of semiconductor devices and chips for integrated circuits (ICs). The Company mainly offers transistors, discharge lamp chips, controlled silicon products, diodes, high voltage power switch crystal products, mid voltage power switch crystal products and other related products. The Company's products are mainly applied in consumer electronics, energy saving lighting, computers, automobile electronics, communication protection, as well as industrial controlling, among others. The Company distributes its products within domestic market and to overseas markets.

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