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关于 Signal Transformer - 信号变压器是Bel公司,是线性变压器和SMD电感器定制设计和制造的全球领导者。 Signal Transformer正在庆祝制造变压器,扼流圈,电感器以及定制或改进标准产品50多年。该公司的质量承诺由其内部通过ISO 17025认证的实验室注明,该实验室可参与CSA的监督制造测试和认证(SMTC)计划。该程序可以在新设计上认证和使用CSA / cCSAus标志。 Signal Transformer还通过了ISO 9001:2015认证,符合REACH,RoHS和冲突矿物标准。

关于 Signal Transformer - Signal Transformer, a Bel company, is a global leader in custom design and manufacturing of linear transformers and SMD inductors. Signal Transformer is celebrating over 50 years of manufacturing transformers, chokes, inductors and custom or modified standard products. The company's commitment to quality is noted by its in-house ISO 17025 certified lab that enables participation in the CSA’s Supervised Manufacturing Testing & Certification (SMTC) program. This program makes possible to certify and use the CSA /cCSAus mark on new designs. Signal Transformer also maintains ISO 9001:2015 certification and is REACH, RoHS and Conflict Minerals compliance.

Signal Transformer manufactures transformers, chokes, inductors and custom or modified standard products. A revolutionary idea brought to fruition by the founders of Signal Transformer standardized the power conversion industry. Before this revolution, even the most simplistic transformer components were procured through complex channels. By offering a multitude of readily available design platforms that could be selected from a catalog and ordered with one phone call, Signal forever transformed the world. Related product brands include: Bel, Bel Fuse, Bel Power Solutions, Cinch Connectivity Solutions, Stewart Connector, TRP Connector.

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