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关于 Sieko NPC - 精工NPC公司成立于2005年。该公司的业务范围包括半导体及相关固态器件的制造。 自1975年成立以来,以钟表制造商为基地,开始针对特定应用开发专用标准产品(ASSP),之后我们发展了制造各种时钟所需的振荡器IC(晶体振荡器) 作为我们的业务支柱。作为日本为数不多的IC专家之一,为了响应客户的需求,我们正在向全世界推出具有混合信号技术的IC,这些信号融合了数字和模拟元素。

关于 Sieko NPC - Seiko Npc Corporation was founded in 2005. The Company's line of business includes the manufacturing of semiconductors and related solid-state devices.

SEIKO NPC Co., Ltd., as a member of Seiko Co., Ltd., based on a watchmaker, has started with the development of Application Specific Standard Product (ASSP) for specific applications since its establishment in 1975.After that, we grew up with the oscillator IC necessary for the manufacture of various clocks (crystal oscillators) as the pillar of our business.As one of the few IC specialists in Japan, in response to customer needs, we are introducing ICs featuring mixed signal technology that combines elements of both digital and analog to the world.

Since established in 1975 as a semiconductor manufacture in Seiko Holdings Group, Seiko NPC Corporation is burgeoning with generating various innovative the world first products in the fields of communication, audio, and crystal oscillators by utilizing its advanced technologies. We visited Nasushiobara unit and interviewed with Masaaki Tsukagoshi, Manager of Corporate Planning department, and Takanori Akutsu, Project Manager of Human Resources & General Administration Department.

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