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关于 Shaffner - 沙夫纳是电磁兼容性(EMC)的国际领导者,专注于高增长领域,例如汽车,楼宇自动化,工业和消费电子,航空航天,医疗技术,电源,电信和运输以及公共部门。 它的核心竞争力是通过利用其丰富的经验和正确的技术来确保其作为供应商的电磁兼容性,以确保不同的电子系统能够顺利地协同工作。

关于 Shaffner - Schaffner is the international leader in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), focusing on high-growth sectors such as automotive, building automation, industrial and consumer electronics, aerospace, medical technology, power supplies, telecommunications and transportation as well as the public sector. Its core competence is ensuring electromagnetic compatibility in its role as a supplier by leveraging its extensive experience and the right technologies to guarantee that different electronic systems are able to work together smoothly.

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