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关于 SB Electronics - SBE Inc.是薄膜电容器解决方案的领先开发商和制造商,可在要求苛刻的应用中提供更高程度的可靠性,更高功率密度和更简单的冷却基础设施,尤其适用于汽车/运输,替代能源,军事/航空航天,医疗设备和电源/激光。 SBE最初是一家Sprague电厂,50多年来一直生产电容器,生产超过10亿个电容器,包括着名的Orange Drop®。随着其直流链路滤波器功率环薄膜电容器的发展,SBE公司获得了美国能源部的910万美元赠款(作为1800万美元总体项目的一部分),用于建造世界一流的制造工厂用于电动车辆,风能和太阳能系统逆变器,功率调节/ UPS系统和数据中心网络基础设施的传动系统逆变器中使用的这种电容器系列。工厂产能目前已配置,每年可生产40,000个动力环单元,并能够通过额外的人员,工具和夹具快速将产量提高到100,000多个动力环单元。

关于 SB Electronics - SBE Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of film capacitor solutions that provide a much higher degree of reliability, higher power density, and simpler cooling infrastructure, in demanding applications, particularly for automotive/transportation, alternative energy, military/aerospace, medical equipment and power supplies/laser. Originally a Sprague Electric Plant, SBE has been manufacturing capacitors for over 50 years producing over a billion capacitors, including the renowned Orange Drop®. With the development of its DC Link Filter Power Ring Film Capacitor&tm;, SBE Inc. was awarded a $9.1 million grant by the US Department of Energy (as part of a $18 Million dollars overall project) to build a world-class facility for the manufacturing of this line of capacitors used in Drivetrain Inverters for Electric Drive Vehicles, Wind and Solar System Inverters, Power Conditioning/UPS Systems and Datacenter Network Infrastructures. The plant capacity is currently configured and capable of manufacturing 40,000 Power Ring units a year and has the ability to rapidly increase production to well over 100,000 Power Ring units with additional personnel, tooling and fixturing.

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