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关于 Rectron - Rectron是功率半导体的领先制造商,提供范围广泛的整流器,包括桥式整流器,开关二极管,齐纳二极管,信号晶体管和瞬态电压抑制器。产品技术包括肖特基势垒,超快,超快,外延,高效,快速恢复和标准恢复,这些技术采用专有的玻璃钝化结结构提供,可显着提高长期和环境可靠性。所有产品技术都以多种拓扑结构生产,包括轴向引线,SIP,DIP,CASE,表面贴装,SOD,SMA,SMB,SMC,DIP,芯片和裸片定制封装。成立于1976年1月,由经验丰富的半导体工程师组成的团队在台北的土城成立。 Rectron在本地提供资金,很快就成为公认​​的优质分立半导体供应商。 1981年,Rectron通过独家分销商和代理商网络直接进入全球半导体市场,从而增加了销售收入。




关于 Rectron - RECTRON is a leading manufacturer of power semiconductors, offering a comprehensive range of rectifiers including bridge rectifiers, switching diodes, zener diodes, signal transistors and transient voltage suppressors. Product technologies include schottky barrier, ultra fast, super fast, epitaxial, high efficiency, fast recovery, and standard recovery, which is available in a proprietary glass passivated junction construction that significantly increases long term and environmental reliability. All product technologies are produced in a variety of topologies and include axial lead ,SIP, DIP, CASE, surface mount, SOD, SMA, SMB, SMC, DIP, chip & die custom packages.

Rectron Limited was established in January 1976 in Tu-Cheng, Taipei by a team of experienced Semiconductor engineers. Financed locally, Rectron very quickly emerged as a recognized supplier of quality discrete semiconductors. In 1981, Rectron's increased sales revenues with direct access of the global semi-conductor market via a network of exclusive Distributors and Agents.

Expansion came in early 1994 when the Rectron commissioned a plant in China to enhance our competitive advantage and increase discrete product manufacturing capacity.

Rectron Products

Discrete Semiconductors
Power Management ICs
Circuit Protection
TVS Diodes

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