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关于 QT Brightek - QT-Brightek公司是世界级产品,制造和客户服务的组合。 该组织对光电子市场需求有着长期的了解.QT-Brightek的组织能够迅速作出反应以满足这些需求。

QT-Brightek总部位于旧金山湾区,销售, 市场和现场应用支持直至美洲,欧洲和亚洲。 所提供的产品系列包括SMT LED,通孔LED,LED显示器,光电耦合器,红外设备和定制模块。

QT-Brightek将为我们的客户提供全球物流支持,每个主要地区的仓库。 当地销售代表和经销商将销售QT-Brightek产品。

关于 QT Brightek - QT-Brightek Corporation is the combination of World Class- Products, Manufacturing and Customer Service. The organization has a long-term understanding of the market needs in Optoelectronics.QT-Brightek is organized to react swiftly to meet these needs.

QT-Brightek is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area with sales, marketing and field application support thru out Americas, Europe and Asia. The product families offered are SMT LED, Thru-hole LED, LED Displays, Optocoupler, IR devices, and Custom modules.

QT-Brightek will provide global logistics support to our customer with warehouses in each major region. Local Sales Representatives and Distributors will market the QT-Brightek products.

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