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关于 Prem Magnetics - Prem Magnetics成立于1972年,当时是Prem Enterprises(一家机械车间)的磁学部门,是线圈和变压器的制造商。 Prem Magnetics仍然是变压器行业的领导者。除了我们在伊利诺伊州的生产设施外,Prem在墨西哥特卡特(Tecate)设有一个设施,可生产达到相同质量标准的产品。

Prem认可并致力于制造最高品质的线圈和变压器。 Prem Magnetics是约翰斯堡为数不多的制造企业之一,得益于公司的关键价值观,Prem Magnetics表现强劲。

Prem在业内享有盛誉的三件事是:他们的经验,能力和在制造优质产品方面的声誉。 Prem Magnetics的产品已经过100%的测试。 Prem Magnetics的主要目标是制造持久耐用的高质量变压器和线圈。 Prem Magnetics努力工作,以提供我们自豪地为客户提供的产品。

关于 Prem Magnetics - Prem Magnetics was organized in 1972 as the Magnetics Division of Prem Enterprises (a machine shop) to be a manufacturer of coils and transformers. Prem Magnetics remains a leader in the transformer industry. In addition to our Illinois production facility, Prem operates a facility in Tecate, Mexico to manufacture products to the same quality standards.

Prem recognizes and pursues to make the highest quality coils and transformers possible. Prem Magnetics is one of the few manufacturing businesses in Johnsburg, standing strong thanks to key company values.

There are three things that Prem is renowned for in the industry: their experience, their capabilities and their reputation for manufacturing quality products. Prem Magnetics' products are 100% tested.

Prem Magnetics' products are built with care by a close-knit team that has vast experience working together to ensure quality. Prem Magnetics' key goal is to manufacture high quality transformers and coils that last. Prem Magnetics work hard to supply products that we are proud to offer to our customers.

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