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关于 Preci-Dip - PRECI-DIP SA生产互连组件。它提供了弹簧式连接器,例如SLC和PAD连接器; PCB连接器,包括插座,引脚和方形引脚连接器,以及插头和跳线。该公司还提供螺钉加工的触点,例如插座,插针和弹簧触点;和DIL接头,DIL / SIL / TO插座,PGA / BGA / PLCC插座以及定制设计的产品。它通过在美洲,欧洲,亚洲,非洲和大洋洲的分销商和代表网络提供产品。 PRECI-DIP SA的前身为PRECI-DIP DURTAL SA,并于2006年12月更名为PRECI-DIP SA。该公司成立于1976年。边缘互连组件。凭借先进的设计和顶级的材料,以及无与伦比的瑞士精度,Preci-Dip的精密工具和触点装配机的开发,设计和生产充满了热情和专业知识。这些专家将垂直单站点命令结构的原理付诸实践-监控从原材料到成品的每个步骤。

关于 Preci-Dip - PRECI-DIP SA manufactures interconnect components. It offers spring-loaded connectors, such as SLC and PAD connectors; and PCB connectors, including socket, pin, and square pin connectors, as well as headers and jumpers. The company also provides screw machined contacts, such as socket, pin, and spring-loaded contacts; and DIL headers, DIL/SIL/TO sockets, PGA/BGA/PLCC–sockets, and custom-designed products. It offers its products through a network of distributors and representatives in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. PRECI-DIP SA was formerly known as PRECI-DIP DURTAL SA and changed its name to PRECI-DIP SA in December 2006. The company was founded in 1976.

Preci-Dip packs unequaled expertise into cutting-edge interconnect components. Leveraging advanced designs, and top materials, with incomparable Swiss precision,Preci-Dip’s precision tools and contact assembly machines are developed, designed, and produced with passion and expertise. These experts put the principle of vertical single-site command structure put into practice - monitoring each step from raw material to finished product.

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