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关于 PinGood - PINGOOD Enterprise co。,ltd成立于1982年,主要从事为全球市场生产高品质塑料电子机械产品。 PINGOOD总部位于台湾台北,并在新加坡设有分公司销售办事处。

PINGOOD的工厂位于中国东莞中国台湾,中国苏州,拥有训练有素,专业的数百名员工。 能够生产出具有竞争力的价格和严格的质量要求的产品。

PINGOOD 是一家专业的旋转阻尼器和闩锁制造商我们的旋转阻尼器和闩锁旨在满足您的特定技术和性能要求。

关于 PinGood - PINGOOD Enterprise co.,ltd was established in 1982 and mainly engaged in the production of high quality plastic electronic mechanical products for the worldwide market. PINGOOD Headquarter is located in Taipei Taiwan and also has a branch sales office in Singapore.

PINGOOD's factories are located in Zhongli Taiwan, Dongguan China, Suzhou China which have a well-trained and professional workforce of over hundreds and is capable of producing products that meets competitive pricing and strict quality requirements.

For more than 34 years,PINGOOD has been specializing in providing Latches,Rotary Dampers,Bushings and LED Hardware.
PINGOOD is a professional manufacturer of Rotary Damper & Latches Our Rotary Damper & Latches is designed to meet your specific technical and performance requirements.

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