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关于 Oplink Communications - Oplink Communications,LLC。 是光通信组件,智能模块和子系统的领先提供商。 我们提供DWDM和CWDM带宽创建,光放大,交换和路由,波长调节,监视和保护,连接性和系统级集成的高级解决方案,以及用于城域WDM,聚合和接入应用的广泛的光收发器产品组合。 我们为全球领先和新兴的电信,数据通信和有线电视设备制造商提供产品。 我们的总部位于加利福尼亚的弗里蒙特,在亚洲拥有多家研究和制造机构。

关于 Oplink Communications - Oplink Communications, LLC. is a leading provider of optical communication components, intelligent modules and subsystems. We offer advanced solutions in DWDM and CWDM bandwidth creation, optical amplification, switching & routing, wavelength conditioning, monitoring & protection, connectivity and system-level integration, as well as a broad portfolio of optical transceivers for metro WDM, aggregation and access applications. We supply to global leading and emerging telecommunications, data communications and cable TV equipment makers. We are headquartered in Fremont, California and own multiple research and manufacturing facilities in Asia.

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