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关于 NTE Electronics - 自1979年以来,NTE电子公司已从一家小型电子元件供应商发展成为业内最大的替代半导体供应商。 除了提供高质量的半导体外,NTE Electronics还提供继电器,电阻器,电容器,连接线,热缩管,开关,保险丝,端子和连接器,测试引线和夹子等。

关于 NTE Electronics - Since 1979, NTE Electronics has grown from a small town supplier of electrical components to being the largest replacement semiconductor supplier in the industry. Aside from providing quality semiconductors, NTE Electronics also offers relays, resistors, capacitors, hook-up wire, heat shrink tubing, switches, fuses, terminals & connectors, test leads & clips and more.

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