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关于 Monolithic Memories - Monolithic Memories,Inc.(MMI)生产双极型PROM,可编程逻辑器件和逻辑电路(包括7400系列TTL)。

MMI由前飞兆半导体工程师Ze'ev Drori于1969年创立。 特斯拉汽车公司总裁兼首席执行官。 1987年,它与Advanced Micro Devices合并,成为全球最大的集成电路制造商。 AMD随后将其可编程逻辑部门拆分为Vantis,然后被Lattice Semiconductor收购。

关于 Monolithic Memories - Monolithic Memories, Inc. (MMI) produced bipolar PROMs, programmable logic devices, and logic circuits (including 7400 series TTL).

MMI was founded in 1969 by former Fairchild Semiconductor engineer Ze'ev Drori, later the President and CEO of Tesla Motors. In 1987, it merged with Advanced Micro Devices to become the world's largest integrated circuit manufacturer. AMD later spun off their programmable logic division as Vantis, which was then acquired by Lattice Semiconductor.

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