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关于 Midcom - Midcom / Wurth Electronics的WE-UNIT离线变压器系列适用于AC / DC开关模式电源。 WE-UNIT离线变压器是Midcom / Wurth Electronics最标准的离线变压器系列,设计用于125-375Vdc的宽输入电压范围和4kV的隔离电压。 UNIT系列采用标准线轴和核心尺寸EE13和EE16,可确保较短的交付周期和经济高效的设计。 EE13和EE16尺寸均采用垂直和水平布局。 EE13版本的功率为3W,标准输出电压为5V,12V和24V。 WE-UNIT的EE16选项具有高达9W的输出功率,输出电压为5V,12V和24V。 WE-UNIT系列针对所有Midcom / Wurth Electronics产品的优异EMI行为进行了优化。 还提供专门设计用于恩智浦,意法半导体和Power Integrations IC的WE-UNIT离线变压器。

关于 Midcom - Midcom / Wurth Electronics' WE-UNIT Off-Line Transformer series is for use in AC/DC switch mode power supplies. The WE-UNIT Off-Line Transformer, Midcom / Wurth Electronics' most standard offline transformer series, was designed to work with a wide input voltage range from 125-375Vdc with an isolation voltage of 4kV. The UNIT series uses the standard bobbins and core sizes EE13 and EE16 which guarantees short lead times and cost efficient designs. Both the EE13 and EE16 sizes are offered in a vertical and horizontal layout. The EE13 versions are constructed for 3W of power and have standard output voltages of 5V, 12V, and 24V. The WE-UNIT's EE16 options have up to 9W output power with output voltages of 5V, 12V, and 24V. The WE-UNIT series is optimized to outstanding EMI behavior like all Midcom / Wurth Electronics products. Also available are WE-UNIT Off-Line Transformers specifically designed for use with NXP, STMicroelectronics, and Power Integrations ICs.

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