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关于 Meritek Electronics - Meritek于1993年初开业,自那时起一直蓬勃发展。 该公司位于台湾的制造地点已经运营了大约20年,之前已经与各知名零部件公司以自有品牌销售安排进入北美市场。 Meritek的成功源于其高品质的产品,公司不妥协的客户服务以及激进的定价。 进入其存在的第三个十年,Meritek很自豪能够为其客户提供众多知名和财富500强企业。 而且,尽管在其第一个十年中实现了巨大的增长,Meritek仍然将“质量,服务和定价”视为其成功的标志。

关于 Meritek Electronics - Meritek opened for business in early 1993, and has been thriving ever since that time. The company’s Taiwan-based manufacturing locations had already been operating for some twenty years, and had previously sold into the North American market under private label sales arrangements with various well-known component companies. Meritek’s success stemmed from the high quality of its products, the company’s uncompromising customer service, as well as its aggressive pricing. Entering its third decade of existence, Meritek is proud to count among its customers a variety of well known and Fortune 500 companies. And, despite a tremendous amount of growth during its first decade, Meritek still recognizes “Quality, Service, and Pricing” as the hallmarks to its success.

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