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MMG Canada Limited专业从事磁性材料的设计,开发和制造材料和组件,包括软铁氧体,永磁体,烧结粉末,铁氧体粉末和组件组装。我们的产品广泛用于RF和微波通信,汽车,国防和航空电子,CATV分销,仪器仪表和消费市场。 MMG加拿大公司凭借其在北美和亚洲的制造基地以及遍布全球的应用工程人员设施,完全可以为我们的客户提供满足其所有磁性需求的本地支持。


MMG Precision专业从事CNC机械加工/手动加工以及精密零件的组装。 MMG拥有超过五十年的精密制造经验,以加工出具有竞争力的价格提供最优质的产品而赢得了声誉。 MMG的服务和功能超出了标准机加工车间的范围。我们的多地点设施齐全,可以处理一些最困难的制造和装配工作。 MMG在机械组装,磁性,磁性组装和电子组装方面的综合专业知识为我们的客户提供交钥匙解决方案。

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MMG Magnetics - Ferrite Division

MMG Magnetics - Permanent Magnet Division

MMG Precision Division - CNC Precision Machining Division

MMG Components Group

MMG Powder Division

MMG Magnetics Division

MMG Canada Limited specializes in the design, development and manufacture of magnetic materials and components, including soft ferrites, permanent magnets, sintered powders, ferrite powders and component assembly. Our products are used in a variety of applications in the RF and microwave communications, automotive, defence and aerospace electronics, CATV distribution, instrumentation and consumer markets. With manufacturing bases in both North America and Asia and applications engineering staffed facilities around the world, MMG Canada is perfectly positioned to provide local support to our customers for all of their magnetics needs.

MMG Precision Division

MMG Precision specializes in CNC Machining / Manual Machining and Assembly of Precision Components. MMG with over five decades of precision manufacturing experience has earned a reputation for machining the highest quality products at compeditive prices. MMG's services and capabilities extend beyond what you would find in a standard machine shop. Our multi location facilities are fully equipped to handle some of the most difficult fabrication and assembly jobs. MMG's combined expertise in mechanical assembly, magnetics, magnetic assemblies and electronics assembly offers our customers turn key solutions.

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