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关于 Lorlin Electronics - Lorlin Electronics是英国最大的机电开关,D连接器和定制产品制造商.Lorlin始于1961年,始终位于英格兰南部海岸。

我们 制造从简单的开/关型到多回路和碳轨的型号; 许多都是独一无二的设计,只有我们才能提供。


关于 Lorlin Electronics - Lorlin Electronics is the United Kingdom's largest manufacturer of electro-mechanical switches, D connectors, and customized products.
Lorlin began in 1961 and have always been based on the south coast of England.

We manufacture switches from simple on/off types to multi-circuit and carbon track versions; many are unique designs which are only available from us.

We enjoy the challenge of a new product design and welcome the chance to meet with our customers and show them our production, research and test facilities.

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