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关于 KEC - Kec Corporation provides non-memory semiconductors in South Korea. It offers MOSFET products, including small signal MOSFETs, and low and high voltage MOSFETs; and bipolar transistors, transistors with built-in bias resistors, junction field effect transistors, USA/European specification models type transistors, and other devices. The company also provides diodes, such as rectifier, RF, schottky barrier, switching, TVS, and zener diodes; and ICs comprising voltage regulators and detectors, shunt regulators, transistor arrays, logic MOS products, relay drivers, USB power switches, operational amplifiers, comparators, DC/DC converters, telecommunication ICs, AC/DC control ICs, and photocouplers. In addition, it offers automotive devices, including alternator diodes and surge absorbers; IGBT products; and IGBT and diode modules. The company's products are used in automotive, audio video, home appliance, information technology, LED lighting, and switching mode power supply applications. Kec Corporation was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.

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