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关于 Judd Wire - Judd Wire是一家高科技电线公司,专门使用电子束交联热固性电线进行电线绝缘。 一家电线电缆制造商,专门从事电子束交联辐照技术,用于汽车和其他行业的电线绝缘。 应用包括ABS电缆,行驶控制传感器,传输线,主线加SAE JA50,ISO DIN规格,侧气囊线,固定链,数据总线电缆,电池电缆和气罐线。 温度范围从-55摄氏度到250摄氏度。

关于 Judd Wire - Judd Wire is a high technology wire company, specializing in the use of electron beam crosslinked thermosets for wire insulation. A wire and cable manufacturer specializing in electron beam cross-linked irradiation technology for wire insulation serving the automotive and other industries. Applications include ABS cables, ride control sensors, transmission wire, primary wire plus SAE JA50, ISO DIN specs, side air bag wire, fixelink, databus cables, battery cables and gas tank wire. Temperature range from -55 Celsius to 250 Celsius.

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