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关于 Japan Radio - 日本无线电公司作为世界深度商船队的供应商而闻名,从个人概念介绍开始就专注于导航和通信设备。 JRC采用自上而下的方式设计和供应适合更多工作船/游艇业的同等优质产品。

作为保守行业的保守公司,JRC已经建立了良好的声誉 该公司能够构建可靠的产品,以便在地球上最恶劣的环境中生存,并且多年来同样能够为它们提供良好的支持。 然而,随着时代的变迁和新技术的不断增加,重要的是不要忽视一些核心基本价值观,以努力跟上技术老鼠的竞争。

关于 Japan Radio - Japan Radio Company is well known as a supplier to the deep draught merchant fleets of the world, specializing in navigation and communications equipment since the very beginnings of their individual conceptual introductions. JRC then has a top down approach to design and supply equivalent superior products suited to a more workboat/pleasure boat industry.

As a conservative company in a conservative industry JRC has built up a very sound reputation as a company that can build reliable products to survive in one of the harshest environments on earth and support them equally well for many years. However, as times change and new technologies are introduced at an ever increasing pace, it is important to not lose sight of some the core fundamental values in an effort to keep up with the technological rat race.

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