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关于 Intervox - 产生了蜂鸣器,传感器,压电警报器,发声器,扬声器和麦克风的Intervox系列,为设计工程师提供了最终的技术选择。它们主要是为OEM应用而设计的,在几乎所有环境中都与众不同。 Intervox组件可达到一定水平的可靠性,效率和清晰,透彻的音质。为了提高可靠性和延长使用寿命,请选择Intervox。

Intersemi Semiconductors


关于 Intervox - The Intervox line of buzzers, transducers, piezo alarms, sounders, speakers and microphones were created to provide the design engineer with the ultimate choices in technology. Designed primarily for OEM applications, they are distinctive in virtually any environment. Intervox components achieve a level of reliability, efficiency, and clear, penetrating sound quality. For dependability and long life, choose Intervox.

International Components Corporation (ICC) has been supplying components to the Electronics Industry for over 40 years. Our company offers a diversified range of products that fall into the following three categories:
Intervox - Audible Devices
Intercap -Capacitors
Intersemi Semiconductors

The Intervox and Intercap product lines were designed primarily for use in original equipment manufacturing (OEM). Our objective is to supply high quality, reliable components to these manufacturers and to provide the design engineer with a wide variety of components for their new product designs.

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