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关于 Interpoint - Crane Aerospace&Electronics的Interpoint品牌提供了DC-DC转换器和EMI滤波器,这些滤波器在太空和国防的极端环境中以及在商业航空和工业应用中对可靠性的高要求下均具有可靠的性能。作为1969年以来的行业领导者,Interpoint品牌以制造高可靠性的电源转换产品和定制混合动力车而闻名,该产品适用于航空,航天,军事,医疗,工业和商业市场。

Interpoint提供超过1,000种型号的标准产品DC-DC转换器和电磁干扰(EMI)滤波器以及用于空间和定制DC-DC转换器的耐辐射功率转换产品。 Interpoint被列入MIL-PRF-38534的合格制造商列表(QML)和NASA的PPL-21。

成立于1969年的集成电路公司(ICI),在1989年1月更名为Interpoint。 。1996年,Interpoint被Crane公司收购。1999年,Interpoint成为新组建的Crane Aerospace部门的一部分。该部门的名称在2002年更名为Crane Aerospace&Electronics。

关于 Interpoint - Crane Aerospace & Electronics' Interpoint brand offers DC-DC converters and EMI filters with proven performance in the extreme environments of space and defense as well as the high reliability requirements for commercial air and industrial applications. As an industry leader since 1969, the Interpoint brand is known for manufacturing high-reliability power-conversion products and custom hybrids for the aerospace, space, military, medical, industrial, and commercial markets.

Interpoint offers more than 1,000 models of standard product DC-DC converters and electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters as well as radiation tolerant power conversion products for space and custom DC-DC converters. Interpoint is listed in MIL-PRF-38534's Qualified Manufacturers List (QML) and NASA's PPL-21.

Founded in 1969 as Integrated Circuits Incorporated (ICI), the name was changed to Interpoint in January of 1989. Interpoint was purchased by Crane Co. in 1996. In 1999, Interpoint became part of the newly formed Crane Aerospace segment. The segment name was changed to Crane Aerospace & Electronics in 2002.

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