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关于 ITW - ITW业务服务于全球的本地客户和市场,在发达市场和新兴市场占有重要地位。 该公司在57个国家开展业务,雇用超过48,000名遵守最高道德标准的女性和男性。 这些才华横溢的人,其中许多人拥有专业的工程或科学专业知识,为我们在创新方面的全球领导力做出贡 我们为超过16,000项已授权和待批专利的广泛组合感到自豪。

关于 ITW - ITW businesses serve local customers and markets around the globe, with a significant presence in developed as well as emerging markets. The company has operations in 57 countries that employ more than 48,000 women and men who adhere to the highest ethical standards. These talented individuals, many of whom have specialized engineering or scientific expertise, contribute to our global leadership in innovation. We are proud of our broad portfolio of more than 16,000 granted and pending patents.

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