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关于 ITT Cannon - ITT Cannon拥有近100年的设计和交付高度工程互连解决方案的经验,可以满足地球内外最具挑战性的环境。 Cannon在航空,航天和工业市场上确定了圆形,机架和面板,微型微型和D型超小型连接器的标准,拥有当今最广泛的高可靠性加固连接器产品组合。 纽瓦克元素14库存有数千个零件号,2-3个工作日内可提供数万个零件,特殊订单可获得数十万个零件。

关于 ITT Cannon - ITT Cannon has nearly 100 years of experience designing and delivering highly engineered interconnect solutions to meet some of the most challenging environments both on and off the planet. Having literally defined the standards for circular, rack & panel, micro-miniature and D-subminiature connectors in the aviation, space and industrial markets, Cannon has one of the broadest portfolios of high-reliability ruggedized connectors available today. Newark element 14 has thousands of part numbers in stock, tens of thousands available within 2-3 business days and access to hundreds of thousands on special order.

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