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关于 Hellermann Tyton - HellermannTyton专注于电缆扎带系统。它们提供具有多种功能的军用级联系 - 从标准的18-50磅版本到带内置标签牌的识别型号,再到可承受高达250磅捆绑压力的重型扎带。还提供轻型,耐用的电缆扎带手工工具,如Mark 9和EVO 7。这些工具减少了紧固和切割连接的过程,使用了柔软的触发触发器,减少了安装时间和物理压力。

TACOM后壳:HellermannTyton还生产TACOM(坦克 - 汽车和武器指挥部)后壳和军用连接器配件,包括收缩靴,适配器,电缆准备和屏蔽编织物。

HellermannTyton是全球领先的系统和解决方案制造商,帮助客户管理和识别电线,电缆和组件。 HellermannTyton生产高性能紧固,连接,布线,保护和识别解决方案。


关于 Hellermann Tyton - HellermannTyton specializes in cable tie systems. They offer military-grade ties with a wide variety of features - from standard 18-50 lb versions to identification models with built-in label plates to heavy duty ties that can support up to 250 lbs of bundling pressure. Lightweight, durable cable tie hand tools like the Mark 9 and EVO 7 are also available. These tools reduce the process of fastening and cutting ties to the use of a soft touch trigger, decreasing installation time and physical stress.

TACOM Backshells: HellermannTyton also manufactures TACOM (Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command) backshells and connector accessories for military use, including shrink boots, adapters, cable prep and shielding braids.

HellermannTyton is a leading global manufacturer of systems and solutions which help customers manage and identify wire, cable and components. HellermannTyton manufactures high performance fastening, connecting, routing, protecting, and indentifying solutions.

HellermannTyton supports diverse markets and industries including original equipment manufacturers for passenger cars, rail carriages, aircraft and ships as well as products used in electronics, telecommunication equipment, appliances or on construction sites.

HellermannTyton is a global leader in cable management and protection products, identification systems and network connectivity solutions. Its systems and solutions are specified by major manufacturers and contractors in the electrical, OEM, data communications, automotive, heavy equipment, renewable energy and related industries.

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