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关于 GigaDevice - GigaDevice是非易失性存储器(NVM)设备的领先提供商,致力于高级存储器和相关芯片设计。该公司与代工合作伙伴保持着牢固的关系,进行组装和测试,以开发出专为嵌入式,消费类电子产品和移动通信应用设计的高品质产品。

GigaDevice Semiconductor是中国NOR闪存设计师。 GigaDevice还生产微控制器,其中一些基于ARM架构(GD32系列),而其他基于RISC-V架构(GD32V系列).GD32芯片于2015年推出,在引脚排列和外设选项方面与STM32系列MCU兼容。

GigaDevice Semiconductor(Beijing)Inc.生产非易失性存储器(NVM)设备。该公司在全球设计,制造和销售闪存芯片,包括NOR,NAND和其他集成电路产品。此外,该公司还从事商品和技术的进出口,并担任进出口代理等。该公司于2015年收购了半导体公司Integrated Silicon Solution Inc.,该公司是NOR flash的主要生产商之一。 7.31亿美元。

关于 GigaDevice - GigaDevice, a leading provider of non-volatile memory (NVM) devices, engages in advanced memory and related chip design. The company holds a strong relationship with foundry partners, assembly and testing to create high-quality products designed for embedded, consumer electronics and mobile communications applications.

GigaDevice Semiconductor is a Chinese NOR flash memory designer. GigaDevice also produces microcontrollers, some of them are based on ARM architecture (GD32 series), and other on RISC-V architecture (GD32V series).GD32 chips were introduced in 2015 and are compatible in pinout and periphery options to STM32 line of MCU.

GigaDevice Semiconductor (Beijing) Inc. produces non-volatile memory (NVM) devices. The Company designs, manufactures, and sells flash chips including NOR, NAND, and other integrated circuit products around the world. In addition, the company also engages in import and export of goods and technology, acts as import and export agency, etc. The company acquired Integrated Silicon Solution Inc., a semiconductor company that is among the major producers of NOR flash, in 2015 for US$731 million.

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