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关于 Genteq - Genteq是Regal-Beloit公司的一个部门,Regal-Beloit公司是世界上最大的电动机制造商之一。 Genteq是Regal的GE ECM,GE电容器和GE商用汽车部门的品牌重塑,发生在2009年.Genteq开发和制造用于住宅和轻型商用供暖和空调(HVAC)系统的电子换向电机(ECM)和电容器。 该公司总部位于印第安纳州的韦恩堡,在墨西哥设有制造工厂。

关于 Genteq - Genteq develops and manufactures electronically commutated motors (ECM) and capacitors for residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The company is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with manufacturing facilities in Mexico.

There are two basic types of motor capacitors most commonly used in HVAC applications today. The motor air conditioner run capacitor and the motor start capacitor. Motor capacitors are used to either increase run efficiency of the motor or to give it an initial start boost in torque to a motor. They are sometimes referred to as motor starter capacitors or power capacitors.

Genteq offers a wide variety of capacitors including start capacitors, run capacitors and dual capacitors. It is always recommended to replace the capacitor when you replace the motor in your unit or when the capacitor is no longer performing at its rated uF. An underperforming capacitor can place additional strain on your motor, reducing your motors lifespan and running up your electric bill.

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