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关于 Fudan Microelectronics - 复旦微电子在中国大陆,亚太其他地区以及国际范围内从事设计,开发专用集成电路(IC)产品。复旦提供安全和识别产品,包括接触式和非接触式存储器IC,NFC标签和通道IC,HF RFID标签IC,非接触式CPU卡,芯片,接触式双接口,CPU卡芯片,安全加密芯片和HF读取器。该公司还提供智能电表ASIC芯片,超低通用MCU和ePLC解决方案; NVM产品,例如EEPROM,SPI NOR闪存,SPI和并行NAND闪存以及ASNVM;以及特定的模拟电路,包括漏电保护设备,照明电路,汽车和摩托车电路,通信电路,消费电子产品等。此外,它还提供银行,智能电表,社会保障和智能交通卡解决方案。此外,该公司设计,开发和销售IC测试软件和产品;生产探针卡;提供集成电路技术的研究和咨询服务;并提供IC产品的测试服务。

关于 Fudan Microelectronics - Fudan Microelectronics engages in designing, developing products of application specific integrated circuits (ICs) in Mainland China, rest of the Asia Pacific, and internationally. Fudan offers security and identification products, including contact and contactless memory ICs, NFC tag and channel ICs, HF RFID tag ICs, contactless CPU card, chips, contact dual interface, CPU card chips, secured encryption chips, and HF readers. The company also provides smart meters ASIC chips, ultra-low general purpose MCU, and ePLC solutions; NVM products, such as EEPROM, SPI NOR Flash, SPI and parallel NAND Flash, and ASNVM; and specific analog circuits, including earth leakage protection device, lighting circuit, auto and motorcycle circuit, communication circuit, consumer electronics, etc. In addition, it offers bank, smart meter, social security, and smart transportation card solutions. Further, the company designs, develops, and sells IC testing software and products; produces probe cards; offers research and consultancy services of IC technology; and provides testing services for IC products.

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