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关于 Epson TOYOCOM - Epson Toyocom为全球客户提供各种传感产品,包括用于运动传感的六轴传感器和用于相机抖动校正和高精度导航系统的陀螺仪传感器。 该公司还为其传感设备提供支持和系统解决方案支持。 Epson Toyocom推出了IMU开发项目,旨在利用在提供客户服务过程中积累的专有技术,提供高效,高性能的惯性测量。

关于 Epson TOYOCOM - Epson Toyocom provides its customers around the world with a variety of sensing products, including six-axis sensors for motion sensing and gyro-sensors for use in camera-shake correction and high-accuracy navigation systems. The company has also been providing customers with support and system solution support for its sensing devices. Epson Toyocom launched the IMU development project with the aim of using the know-how accumulated in the course of providing customer service to provide efficient and high-performance inertia measurement.

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