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关于 Elcon - Elcon最畅销的产品集中在计算机和电信市场上,是使用高电流,低损耗和热插拔技术的电源连接器。 品牌名称包括Flatpaq和ICCon板安装连接器,Crown Clip母线连接器和Powerpak,它是EuroRack包装的新系列电源连接器,包括CompactPCI和其他总线架构。

该公司有三个制造工厂 在加利福尼亚州以及英国,日本和西班牙的销售和分销办事处。

为不断增长的无源元件组合添加电源连接器,泰科国际有限公司收购了私营连接器制造商Elcon Products International。

关于 Elcon - Concentrating its efforts on the computer and telecommunications markets, Elcon's best-selling products are power connectors that use high-current, low-loss, and hot-plug technologies. Brand names include Flatpaq and ICCon board-mount connectors, Crown Clip busbar connectors, and Powerpak, its new line of power connectors for EuroRack packaging, including CompactPCI and other bus architectures.

The company has three manufacturing facilities in California and sales and distribution offices in England, Japan, and Spain.

Adding power connectors to its growing portfolio of passive components, Tyco International Ltd. has acquired Elcon Products International, a privately held connector maker.

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