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关于 ETAL Transformers - ETAL集团,电力和信号应用磁性组件的全球领导者。 ETAL集团最初成立于1968年,是内部开发的高性能磁性元件(主要是变压器和电感器)的领先供应商。 ETAL集团通过在瑞典,爱沙尼亚,英国,中国和斯里兰卡的当地办事处以及另外20多个国家/地区的分销合作伙伴开展业务。 生产在公司自己的爱沙尼亚和斯里兰卡工厂以及通过亚洲的生产合作伙伴进行。

ETAL集团代表着KAMIC集团的Magnetics业务领域,KAMIC集团是一家总部位于瑞典的私有企业集团。 该集团由20多家公司提供,这些公司在许多明确定义的市场领域中提供技术产品和服务。

关于 ETAL Transformers - ETAL Group, world leaders in magnetic components for power and signal applications. Originally founded in 1968, ETAL Group is a leading supplier of in-house developed high-performance magnetic components, primarily transformers and inductors. ETAL Group conducts operations through local offices in Sweden, Estonia, UK, China and Sri Lanka, and through distribution partners in an additional 20 or so countries. Production takes place at the company's own facilities in Estonia and Sri Lanka as well as through production partners in Asia.

The ETAL Group represents the Magnetics business area in KAMIC Group, a privately held corporate group based in Sweden. The group consists of more than 20 companies offering technical products and services in a number of well defined market niches.

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