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关于 E-tec Interconnect - E-tec在互连市场活跃了40多年,提供广泛的行业标准产品。他们的标准互连产品和定制的0.30mm及更大间距尺寸的特殊设计被广泛用于航空航天,军事,医疗,通信和汽车市场等各种行业。

E -tec专门提供和制造高级互连产品,在插座,板对板连接器,扁平软电缆的电缆组件,接线盒,RF产品,用于转换芯片封装的适配器,开关和汽车互连方面具有专业知识。特殊的适配器,插座和电缆组件在英国生产,周转时间短。 OE-tec的产品范围包括测试插座,老化插座和编程插座。除了许多可在航空,军事,医疗,通讯,汽车,多媒体和许多其他应用领域中使用的定制产品外,亚洲和瑞士的E-tec工厂还提供非常有竞争力的行业标准产品。其他。 E-tec以对客户服务的承诺而享有声誉,欢迎任何查询,并很乐意讨论您的特定要求。与Avic Jonhon合作,E-tec现在还提供一系列电动汽车产品,包括EV连接器,充电电缆和EV充电点产品。


标准和定制设计的连接器。测试插座:螺距小至0.40 mm,也可提供高频版本。





关于 E-tec Interconnect - Active in the interconnection market for over 40 years, E-tec offers a comprehensive range of industry standard products. Their standard interconnection products and custom specific designs from 0.30mm and larger pitch sizes, are used in a variety of applications in a range of industries including the aerospace, military, medical, communications and automotive markets.

E-tec specialise in supply and manufacture of advanced interconnect products with expertise in sockets, connectors including board to board, cable assemblies including flat flex cables, terminal blocks, RF products, adaptors for converting chip packages, switches and automotive interconnects. Special adaptors, sockets and cable assemblies are produced in the UK with fast turnaround times. OE-tec's range of products includes test sockets, burn-in sockets and programming sockets. E-tec factories in Asia and Switzerland offer a very competitive range of industry standard products in addition to many customised products which can be found in a variety of application fields such as aeronautics, military, medical, communications, automotive, multi-media and many others. With a reputation for commitment to customer service, E-tec welcomes any enquiry, and would be happy to discuss your specific requirements. In partnership with Avic Jonhon, E-tec now also now supplies a range of electric vehicle products including EV connectors, charging cables, and EV charge point products.


IC-sockets & interconnect products

Standard and custom design connectors. Test sockets: Pitch down to 0,40 mm, also available in high frequency versions.

Turned parts

From prototype to large volume, diameters 0,15 mm to 7,00 mm. Available in different materials with short lead-time.

Spring loaded contacts

Custom designs and standard parts for various applications demanding high quality and performance. Short lead-time. Pitch down to 0,40 mm.

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