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关于 Dwyer Instruments - 德威尔仪器公司(Dwyer Instruments Inc.)成立于1931年,生产各种价格合理,质量优良的精密仪器,用于测量,传输和控制压力,温度,液位和流量。这些仪器中的许多仪器因其各自的品牌名称而广为人知,例如Magnehelic和Spirahelic压力计,Photohelic开关/压力计,Rate-Master,Mini-Master和Visi-Float流量计,Slack-Tube和Flex-Tube压力计以及Dwyer压力开关。 Dwyer Instruments的子公司为Mercoid,W。E. Anderson,接近控制和Love控件。

Dwyer Instruments生产各种测量和控制仪器,适用于:温度,压力,流量和液位应用。自公司成立于1931年以来,客户就逐渐认识到Dwyer Instruments代表着质量,可靠性和现成的低成本产品。作为控制和仪表行业的领先制造商,Dwyer不断发展壮大并服务于主要市场,包括但不限于HVAC,化学,食品,石油和天然气以及污染控制。通过Dwyer及其客户之间的合作,每天都会发现新的应用程序。正是由于与客户的这些关系,Dwyer才能继续开发市场需求的产品,并从领先的知名品牌(例如,Magnehelic差压表,Photohelic压力开关/表,Rate Master流量计和Hi-Flow阀)获得成功。 。尊敬的名称,例如Mercoid Controls,Flotect,Love Controls,W.E。安德森(Anderson)和邻近控制(Proximity Controls)创造了新的市场,并进一步巩固了德威尔(Dwyer)并将继续保持的良好声誉。成功实现多元化的能力证明了德威尔对市场的管理态度。

关于 Dwyer Instruments - Dwyer Instruments Inc., founded in 1931, manufactures a broad range of competitively priced, quality precision instruments for measuring, transmitting, and controlling pressure, temperature, level, and flow. Many of these instruments are widely known by their individual brand names, such as Magnehelic and Spirahelic pressure gages, Photohelic switch/gages, Rate-Master, Mini-Master and Visi-Float Flowmeters, Slack-Tube and Flex-Tube manometers, and Dwyer pressure switches. Divisions of Dwyer Instruments are Mercoid, W. E. Anderson, Proximity Controls and Love Controls.

Dwyer Instruments produces a wide range of measuring and control instruments for: Temperature, Pressure, Flow and Level Applications. Since the company was founded in 1931, customers have come to recognize Dwyer Instruments to stand for quality, reliability, and readily available low cost products. As a leading manufacturer in the controls and instrumentation industry, Dwyer continues to grow and serve major markets including, but not limited to HVAC, chemical, food, oil and gas, and pollution control. New applications are discovered daily through a cooperative effort between Dwyer and its customers. It has been these relationships with our customers that allow Dwyer to continue to develop market demand products and further our success from leading established brand names such as the Magnehelic differential pressure gages, Photohelic pressure switch/gages, Rate Master flowmeters, and Hi-Flow valves. Respected names such as Mercoid Controls, Flotect, Love Controls, W.E. Anderson and Proximity Controls have created new markets and further build on the solid reputation that Dwyer has and continues to sustain. The ability to successfully diversify demonstrates Dwyer's managed approach to the marketplace.

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