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关于 Degson Electronics - 德格森电子有限公司成立于1990年,是亚洲最大的端子台和精密模具制造商之一。 宁波的工厂生产和总部均通过了ISO9001,ISO14001和ISO80079-34认证。 全面的产品线有1000多种型号和12000种类型,已通过UL,CE,CEC VDE和EAC认证。 DEGSON拥有自己的UL和VDE认可的专业实验室。

Degson正在扩展其产品,以跟上可再生能源行业的发展。 随着DR271V和DR271R的发布,Degson加入了Solar / PV接线端子应用的竞赛。 有关更多信息,请参阅Degson的太阳能光伏接线端子子页面

关于 Degson Electronics - Founded in 1990, DEGSON Electronics Co., Ltd is one of the biggest manufacturers of terminal blocks and precision molds in Asia. The factory manufacturing and headquarters in Ningbo are ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO80079-34 certified. The comprehensive product line has more than 1000 models and 12000 types which have been approved by UL, CE, CEC VDE, & EAC. DEGSON owns its own UL & VDE approved professional laboratory.

Degson is expanding their offerings in order to keep up with the rise in the renewable energy industry. With the release of the DR271V and DR271R, Degson has joined the race to the Solar/PV Terminal Blocks application. For more information, please refer to Degson's Terminal Blocks for Solar Photovoltaic subpage

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