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关于 Darfon Electronics - Darfon生产MLCC,芯片电容器,CCFL,天线开关模块。达方电子公司为ODM和OEM客户提供精密组件。该公司提供人机界面设备,包括台式机,笔记本电脑和平板电脑键盘;有线和无线光学鼠标和激光鼠标;智能手机键盘;桌面伴侣;和蓝牙耳机。它还提供功率器件,例如用于室内筒灯,聚光灯,平板灯,室外路灯,隧道灯和高棚灯的LED照明驱动器;用于电动自行车和踏板车的电动自行车电池充电器;以及用于LED电视和显示器的LED电视转换器和LED电视电源板,以及适配器和电源。此外,该公司还提供集成组件和材料,包括多层陶瓷电容器和电感器;绕线电感;扼流圈,环形线圈和电力变压器;绿色设备,包括微型逆变器,监控系统,串式逆变器,能量存储系统,电池组和模块,电动自行车和智能交通产品。它在台湾,中国大陆,日本,韩国,美国和欧洲都有业务。该公司成立于1997年,总部位于台湾桃园市。

关于 Darfon Electronics - Darfon manufactures MLCC, Chip Capacitors, CCFL, Antenna Switch Modules. Darfon Electronics Corporation provides precision components to ODM and OEM clients. The company offers human interface devices, including desktop, notebook, and tablet keyboards; wired and wireless optical, and laser mice; keypads for smart phones; desktop companions; and Bluetooth headsets. It also provides power devices, such as LED lighting drivers for applications in indoor downlights, spotlights, plate lights, outdoor street lights, tunnel lights, and high bay lights; e-bike battery chargers used in electric bicycles and scooters; and LED TV converters and LED TV power boards for use in LED TVs and monitors, as well as adapters and power supplies. In addition, the company offers integrated components and materials comprising multi-layer ceramic capacitors and inductors; wire wound inductors; choke coils, toroid coils, and power transformers; and green devices that include mirco-inverters, monitoring systems, string inverters, energy storage systems, battery packs and modules, e-bikes, and smart-mobility products. It has operations in Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, the United States, and Europe. The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Taoyuan City, Taiwan.

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