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关于 Dailywell - 成立于1997年,Dailywell以其高端且价格合理的交换机而闻名。凭借在台湾的总部以及在台湾和中国大陆的生产设施,Dailywell不断开发方法,以通过深入的研发,投资生产和质量保证方法以及聆听市场来改善产品。

Dailywell的质量优先原则在拨动开关,翘板,按钮,滑动,旋转,拨动和轻触开关的阵容中显而易见。从超小型开关到高容量开关,密封等级高达IP67的Dailywell开关非常适合诸如视听设备,计算机外围设备,仪器仪表,网络设备和电信等应用。为了满足生产和客户满意度的需求,Dailywell已将员工人数增加到600多人,并获得了ISO 9001,UL,CSA和TUV认证证书。是一家台湾公司,从事各种开关类型的开发和制造。 DailyWell的交换机符合UL,RoHS和HF标准,并符合ISO 9001标准。自1997年以来,Dailywell一直在不断开发改善消费者生活的方法。坚持坚持善良意识; Dailywell要求在各个方面都做到完美,包括研究,开发,生产,质量保证和市场营销。 Dailywell继续加强管理团队,培养人才,为长期运营奠定基础。 Dailywell的专业知识,先进技术和组织管理是此理想理念的推动力。开关是确定幸福的驱动力,手指的拨动就激活了能量;精美的愿景得以实现,并扩展到世界的每个角落。作为交换机的领先品牌,Dailywell立足台湾,并在人性化和技术发展的关注下走向世界。在Dailywell中,幸福和完美每一天都紧密相连。


  • 拨动开关
  • 摇臂开关
  • 滑动开关
  • 按钮开关
  • 防破坏开关
  • 旋转开关
  • 轻触开关
  • DC INLET开关
  • 紧急推挽开关
  • 拨动开关
  • 滚球开关

    关于 Dailywell - Establishment in 1997, Dailywell have become known for their high-end and competitively priced switches. With headquarters in Taiwan and production facilities in Taiwan and China Dailywell are continuously developing ways to improve their products through in-depth research and development, investing in production and quality assurance methods and listening to the market.

    The Dailywell principle of quality first is apparent within their line up of toggle, rocker, pushbutton, slide, rotary, dip and tact switches. Ranging from ultra-miniature to high capacity switches and sealed up to IP67 Dailywell switches are perfect for applications such as audio-visual equipment, computer peripherals, instrumentation, networking equipment and telecommunications. To keep up with the demands of production and customer satisfaction Dailywell has raised the number of employees to over 600 people and has ISO 9001, UL, CSA and TUV approval certificates.

    Dailywell Electronics CO., LTD. is a Taiwan-based company engaged in the development and manufacture of a broad range of switch types. DailyWell's switches are UL, RoHS, and HF compliant, and conform to ISO 9001 Standards. Since 1997, Dailywell has continuously been developing ways to improve the life of our consumers. Adhere to insist on kind consciousness; Dailywell demands perfection in all aspects, including research, development, production, quality assurance and marketing. Dailywell continues to strengthen the management team and nurture talented persons in order to lay the foundation of long lasting operation. The expertise, advanced technology and organization management of Dailywell are the driving forces of this perfect idea. A switch is a drive to determine happiness, the energy is activated with the flip of a finger; the exquisite visions are realized and extended to every corner of the world. As the leading brand of switches, Dailywell bases in Taiwan and reaches out to the world with the concern of humanity and technical development. In Dailywell, happiness and perfection are tied together in each single day.


    • Toggle Switches

    • Rocker Switches

    • Slide Switches

    • Pushbutton Switches

    • Anti-vandal Switches

    • Rotary Switches

    • Tact Switches

    • DC INLET Switches

    • Emergency Push-Pull Switches

    • Dip Switches

    • Roll Ball Switches

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