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关于 Connect One Semiconductors - Connect One是一家领先的无晶圆厂半导体公司,为将设备连接到互联网和其他基于IP的网络提供增值解决方案。 我们经过现场验证的嵌入式芯片,嵌入式设备服务器和外部串行设备服务器使任何类型的非PC设备制造商能够轻松,快速且经济高效地为新设备和现有设备添加IP连接。

关于 Connect One Semiconductors - Connect One is a leading fabless semiconductor company that provides value-added solutions for connecting devices to the Internet and other IP-based networks. Our field-proven embedded chips, embedded device servers, and external serial device servers enable manufacturers of any kind of non-PC device to easily, quickly and cost-effectively add IP connectivity to new and existing devices.

Connect One TCP/IP connectivity chips and serial device servers are deployed around the globe, across thousands of ISPs, wireless carriers and telephone networks. Our customer base includes some of the world’s leading manufacturers of POS terminals, embedded modems, automated teller machines (ATMs), home care medical equipment and fleet management terminals, as well as hundreds of customers in industries such as telemedicine, building automation, process control, security, and power monitoring.

Connect One is led by a cohesive team of seasoned technology managers with expertise spanning networking, Internet software, hardware development and data communications, who have been working together since the late 1990s. Connect One is privately owned, with venture capital backing. It is headquartered in Israel with established sales and service channels around the globe.

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