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关于 Component Research - Electro Technik Industries,Inc。是一家位于佛罗里达州Largo的电子制造公司,已收购Arizona Capacitors及其子公司; 亚利桑那州West Cap,SFE Technologies和Component Research Company。 Arizona Capacitors和West Cap为工业和军事市场制造薄膜电容器。 亚利桑那电容器符合MIL-STD-790标准,并通过了ISO 9001:2000认证。 他们还设计和制造了一系列电子滤波器。 这些滤波器可以是RF,电源线,低通EMI,以及通过电容滤波器馈电。

关于 Component Research - Electro Technik Industries, Inc., an electronics manufacturing company based out of Largo, Florida, has acquired Arizona Capacitors and its subsidiaries; West Cap of Arizona, SFE Technologies, and Component Research Company. Arizona Capacitors and West Cap manufacture film capacitors for both the industrial and military markets. Arizona Capacitors builds to MIL-STD-790 and they are ISO 9001:2000 approved. They also design and manufacture a family of electronic filters. These filters can be RF, power line, low pass EMI, as well as feed through capacitor filters.

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