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关于 Compact Technology - CTC(Compact Technology Corp)成立于1985年,建立了Compact Technology的自有品牌,其主要产品包括各种系列的整流二极管,从晶片设计和开发到包装制造到成品测试再到产品销售; 工厂位于山东淄博(员工人数为1100名)。 本着以客户为中心的服务精神,不断增强人员的专业素质,提供更多的增值服务以增强竞争能力,以满足AC-DC,DC-DC等电源行业客户的需求 ,DC-AC等

关于 Compact Technology - CTC (Compact Technology Corp) was founded in 1985, and established Compact Technology's own brand with various series of Rectifier Diode as its main products, from wafer design and development to packaging manufacturing to finished product testing to product sales combined; the factory is located in Zibo, Shandong (the number of employees is 1100). In the spirit of customer-oriented service, continue to strengthen the professional quality of personnel, and provide more value-added services to enhance competition in order to meet the needs of customers in the power supply industry such as AC-DC, DC-DC, DC-AC, etc.

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