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关于 Clarostat - 霍尼韦尔的Clarostat是美国领先的面板安装电位器(罐)制造商,是美国优质定制光电(工业)和光开关(商用)解决方案的制造商。 作为线绕和厚膜导电塑料罐的先驱,Clarostat拥有广泛的标准,模块化和定制可变电阻器。 Clarustat被霍尼韦尔传感与控制公司收购。

关于 Clarostat - Honeywell's Clarostat is the leading US manufacturer of panel-mount potentiometers (pots) and is a quality US manufacturer of custom photoelectric (industrial) and optical switch (commercial) solutions. As a pioneer of wirewound and thick-film conductive plastic pots, Clarostat has an extensive array of standard, modular, and customized variable resistors. Clarostat was aquired by Honeywell Sensing and Control.

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