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关于 Cirrus Logic - Cirrus Logic,Inc。致力于为音频和语音信号处理应用提供集成电路(IC)。 该公司为一系列客户开发模拟和混合信号IC。 该公司提供两个产品线:便携式音频和非便携式音频和其他。 该公司的主要设施包括工程,销售和营销以及管理职能,位于德克萨斯州奥斯汀市。 该公司通过世界各地的直接和间接销售渠道提供产品。 该公司的便携式音频产品包括为移动设备设计的模拟和混合信号组件,包括智能手机,平板电脑,数字耳机,可穿戴设备,智能配件和便携式媒体播放器。 其非便携式音频和其他产品包括面向消费市场的模拟和混合信号组件,包括智能家居应用,以及汽车,能源和工业市场。

关于 Cirrus Logic - Cirrus Logic, Inc. is engaged in providing integrated circuits (ICs) for audio and voice signal processing applications. The Company develops analog and mixed-signal ICs for a range of customers. The Company offers two product lines: Portable Audio, and Non-Portable Audio and Other. The Company's primary facility housing engineering, sales and marketing, and administration functions is located in Austin, Texas. The Company offers products through both direct and indirect sales channels across the world. The Company's portable audio products include analog and mixed-signal components designed for mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, digital headsets, wearables, smart accessories and portable media players. Its non-portable audio and other products include analog and mixed-signal components targeting the consumer market, including smart home applications, and the automotive, energy and industrial markets.

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