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关于 Camloc - Camloc提供全系列的气体支柱,弹簧和阻尼器解决方案。 创新设计的气弹簧有多种尺寸可供选择,还有多种端部配件,因此您可以组装最适合您应用的解决方案。 Camloc气弹簧安全且易于使用,并且可提供恶劣环境版本。

气弹簧通常以其尺寸来表示; 常见尺寸为6-15,8-18,10-23和14-28。 这涉及杆直径和管直径 - 例如,8-18具有8mm的杆直径和18mm的管直径。

关于 Camloc - Camloc offers a full range of gas struts, springs, and damper solutions. Innovatively designed gas springs are available in many sizes, along with a wide selection of end fittings, so you can assemble a solution that best fits your application. Camloc gas springs are safe and easy to use, and harsh environment versions are available.

Gas springs are usually referred to by their size; common sizes are 6-15, 8-18, 10-23, and 14-28. This relates to the rod diameter and the tube diameter for example, 8-18 has a rod diameter of 8 mm and a tube diameter of 18 mm.

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