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关于 Calrad Electronics - Calrad以优惠的价格提供音频视频电缆和配件。卡拉德电子(Calrad Electronics)站在技术的最前沿和新产品的前沿。他们的制造团队在定制组装和修改方面拥有超过60年的综合经验。 Calrad Electronics严格遵守最高质量控制标准。

Calrad Electronics成立于1950年代,电子行业的发展最初是在广播领域,但电视和唱片科学的发展才是Calrad的所在地繁荣了。该公司自成立以来一直是家族所有,而Calrad的根基深深扎根于电子行业的历史。 Calrad Electronics拥有家族超过60年。



关于 Calrad Electronics - Calrad offers audio video cables and accessories at great prices. Calrad Electronics stays at the forefront of technology and cutting edge of new products. Their fabrication team has a combined experience of over 60 years in custom assembly and modifications. The highest standards of quality control are rigidly adhered to at Calrad Electronics.

Calrad Electronics was founded in the 1950s and the growth of electronics, initially in radio but the growth of television and the recording sciences was where Calrad prospered. The company has been family owned since its inception and Calrad’s roots go deep into the history of the electronics industry. Calrad Electronics family ownership for over 60 years.

Calrad is committed to green efforts, in addition to selling only RoHS approved products, Calrad recycles over 90% of its shipping materials. All Calrad power supplies are UL approved for customer safety and protection. Calrad recently installed new energy efficient climate control in its offices that uses much less electricity. They also recycle all office equipment and electronics.

Constantly on the search for new products and customer requests, Calrad stays at the forefront of technology and cutting edge of new products.

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