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关于 Califia Lighting - Bivar公司的Califia Lighting为从传统光源过渡到固态照明的公司提供节能的LED照明解决方案。利用40多年LED技术创新的悠久历史,Carifia Lighting为工业和商业市场带来了一系列UL级LED线性照明。 Califia Lighting专为OEM设计,可提高工作空间/显示器的美观度和可用性,适用于包括机柜,机架,工作站和设备在内的各种应用。 Califia Lighting解决方案提高了设施安全性和生产率,同时降低了年度能源成本。

Califia Lighting的成立是为了为在工业和商业市场上向节能LED照明技术过渡的不断增长的客户群提供最佳服务。 Bivar的创新,可靠的可靠性和多年的经验扩展到了这个致力于改善LED照明寿命的新成立的业务部门。易于使用的系统,同时融合了领先的技术,可实现最佳性能和未来可升级性。工业和商业应用程序。您会发现与我们的客户共同创造和精炼的产品。此动手开发可确保可用性,并提供适合多个项目的配置选项。


关于 Califia Lighting - Califia Lighting, a Bivar company, offers energy-efficient LED lighting solutions to companies transitioning from traditional lighting sources to solid-state lighting. Leveraging a long-standing history of more than 40 years of innovation in LED technology, Califia Lighting brings a range of UL-rated LED linear lighting to the industrial and commercial marketplaces. Designed for OEMs, Califia Lighting enhances workspace/display aesthetics and usability for a range of applications including cabinets, racks, workstations and equipment. Califia Lighting solutions improve facility safety and productivity, while reducing annual energy costs.

Califia Lighting was established to best serve a growing base of customers transitioning to energy-efficient LED Lighting technology in the Industrial and Commercial markets. Bivar's innovation, proven reliability, and years of experience extend to this newly formed business unit dedicated to improving life with LED Lighting.

Califia's expanding range of low-profile luminaires are designed to deliver reduced operating costs in an easy-to-use system while incorporating leading technology for top performance and future upgradability.

Califia Lighting offers energy-saving LED luminaires designed for use in track systems or for individual placement in all types of Industrial and Commercial applications. You'll find products created and refined in unison with our customers. This hands-on development assures usability and provides configuration options to suit multiple projects.

Industrial applications include enclosures/cabinets, workstations and equipment for manufacturing facilities, test labs, medical/dental practitioners, and control rooms.

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