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关于 CTS - CTS公司成立于1929年2月8日,是传感器,电子元件和执行器的全球制造商。该公司主要为运输,工业,医疗,信息技术,国防和航空航天以及通信市场的原始设备制造商(OEM)设计,制造和销售一系列传感器,电子元件和执行器。该公司在北美,亚洲和欧洲设有制造工厂。本公司的产品为特定产品系列执行特定的电子功能,旨在用于客户组装。该公司的产品主要包括乘客或商用车辆中使用的传感器和执行器;用于通信基础设施,信息技术和其他高速应用的电子元件;提供给多个市场的开关和电位计,以及主要用于医疗,工业,国防和航空航天以及信息技术市场的压电材料和基板。

关于 CTS - CTS Corporation, incorporated on February 8, 1929, is a global manufacturer of sensors, electronic components and actuators. The Company designs, manufactures and sells a line of sensors, electronic components and actuators primarily to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for the transportation, industrial, medical, information technology, defense and aerospace, and communications markets. The Company operates manufacturing facilities in North America, Asia and Europe. The Company's products perform specific electronic functions for a given product family and are intended for use in customer assemblies. The Company's products consist principally of sensors and actuators used in passenger or commercial vehicles; electronic components used in communications infrastructure, information technology and other high-speed applications; switches and potentiometers supplied to multiple markets, and fabricated piezoelectric materials and substrates used primarily in medical, industrial, defense and aerospace, and information technology markets.

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